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      Duration: 01:10 This is part 1 of 4 from December's live show.
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Live Show Mondays brings you part 2 of 4 from the October live show that featured Gia DiMarco, with Maestro co-fucking.
Our skinny little MILF continues her live ordeal.  Bound in a custom metal device, she is locked down and helpless.  Her pretty face is locked into a box, she is all alone and cannot anticipate what we will do to her next. We tortured her foot with the Wartenburg wheel, her screams were intense, to say the least.  After we tease her with the vibrator, we apply nipple clamps and weight to her big nipples, then add a zipper to her tan, sexy body.  Maestro comes in and gives her a great fucking as we pull the zippers off her.  This was an incredibly hard and difficult scene for Gia and she endured like a pro!
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Just another example of neighbors helping neighbors.
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Team Ice took a 20pt lead into the locker room, and within seconds it was gone.  Bella got a hold of the rookie replacement Iona Grace and made her pay with a brutal leg scissors.  Back and forth the score went as both teams made great use of their tags and outstanding holds.
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This update includes fisting, ass fucking, brutal lessons and a thankful slave. 
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We are back on the streets again! This week's update is the first shoot from our latest trip to Europe. We get a smoking hot German Milf, bind her, fuck her, and leave her on the street covered in cum!
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